Modern periodontal techniques allow effective treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium). The therapy begins after a detailed diagnosis and detailed oral hygiene consultation. Gum pockets and root surfaces are thoroughly cleaned under local anaesthesia. Ultrasound dissolves tartar and plaque effectively and painlessly. Healthy tooth substance is spared as we reduce the mechanical cleaning of the root surfaces to a minimum.

We build up lost bone tissue with our own bones or stimulate the formation of new bone tissue with bone replacement material. For larger defects, we promote the formation of new bone with guided tissue regeneration (GBR). 

With a special laser technology (aPDT antibacterial photodynamic pocket disinfection therapy) the germ load of the gum pockets can be reduced, the healing process is promoted, loosened teeth can become firmer again.

The laser treatment is so gentle that no anaesthesia is usually required. 

Acupuncture can also support the body's own healing processes.