No metall restauration

In countless studies, allergenic properties of many materials used in dentistry have been investigated. Incompatibilities of a dental prosthesis or its components can manifest themselves in various symptoms - allergy, tension, headache or lack of concentration.

Modern "anti-allergic" materials promise help. Metal-free ceramics such as zirconium oxide and zirconium dioxide (commonly called "zirconium") have become the material of choice for long-term, aesthetically demanding restorations in many areas of dental prosthetics. Zirconium is much more similar to the composition of our teeth and offers convincing advantages: no black crown margins, no dark metal shining through, very translucent, antiallergic, highest biocompatibility.

Zirconium dentures are absolutely metal-free and can be more compatible for the body than metals or plastic.

Zirconium is used as a framework for crowns and bridges or as a material for white implants in the fabrication of a fixed denture. It is possible to manufacture bridges in many sizes.

The new, metal-free teeth impress with their natural appearance. This high-quality material also enables us to achieve demanding, metal-free and convincing results in implantology.