Paediatric Dentistry

Early practice pays off...

As soon as the first milk teeth have broken through, proper dental care is advisable. The child's teeth are different from those of an adult and therefore require special dental expertise. Milk teeth have a soft enamel and are therefore more sensitive. From the 1st tooth onwards, you have to clean your child's teeth. The earlier prevention begins, the sooner tooth damage can be avoided. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. With an atmosphere suitable for children, patience and empathy, we do everything we can to take the fear out of our little patients.

Several times a year we open our practice for visits to the kindergartens, so that the little ones can have their first experience without fear in the security of their group.

For many years, the kindergartens in the vicinity of the practice in Frankfurt Eschersheim have been looked after by our "dentist sponsorship". This long-standing activity has already been reported in the "Frankfurter Neue Presse" newspaper.

Our tip:
If you come to the check-up yourself and bring your child with you, it will learn how important and natural regular visits to the dentist are. A curious child becomes an adult for whom prevention and prophylaxis are a matter of course.

Our youngest visitors are always happy about Lola, the thirsty lady elephant......