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Bone Augmentation

In order to anchor the new teeth securely, a certain amount of bone substance is required.

If the bone volume is insufficient, modern dentistry offers reliable treatment options. Through bone augmentation, we form a stable basis for your dental implants.

An elegant way is the use of your own extracted teeth, which are prepared in a special procedure. The extracted material can be used as bone grafting material to stabilize the jaw after tooth loss, the jaw bone no longer degrades as it would without reconstruction.

Your prepared tooth can be used as the body's own bone augmentation material, a more natural augmentation material is difficult to find. The operation to gain autogenous bone can be avoided.
With the help of the ed material, new bone substance is built up through the body, thus creating a high-quality implant bed. In patients with insufficient bone volume, the bone substance is replaced by prepared own teeth, own bone or bone substitute material (also in combination) and rebuilt.

As an alternative to the reconstruction of the missing bone, it is also possible to reconstruct individual teeth with very short implants. The advantage of short implants is a shortened restoration time, often no ingrowth of a bone structure has to be waited for.

We would be happy to advise you personally on the subject of bone augmentation and short implants in Frankfurt.

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