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Edentoulus Patient

Even in the case of total tooth loss, implants allow aesthetic and fixed teeth. With regard to wearing comfort and quality of life, an implant-anchored, removable prosthesis is the solution of choice.

Often the few remaining teeth or the toothless jaw are no longer able to provide the prosthesis with the required support. There are pressure points, food gets between the denture and the jaw, a slipping denture hurts when chewing.

Special implants can often be used to help with reduced bone, sometimes without major surgery. (See also Mini Implants)

A better fitting prosthesis gives you more security and more pleasure while eating.

With a toothless jaw, you have two options to choose a row of teeth firmly screwed to implants or a removable, implant-supported prosthesis. Removable, implant-supported dentures do not slip and prevent pressure points. They sit firmly on their abutments, the implants. 

Depending on the situation, it may also be possible to combine existing prostheses with this implant system, so that the usual prosthesis can continue to be used after appropriate adjustments.

Also the covering of the jaws and especially the palate can often be reduced depending on the situation, so food and drinks taste better again.

Firmly integrated rows of teeth are the aesthetically more demanding solution. This type of treatment is characterised by high wearing comfort and a more natural appearance. With both variants, the disadvantages of a conventional prosthesis such as pressure points, slipping and pain when chewing are avoided.